Spruce Adventure Package

We at Sacred Acre have curated the perfect Alaskan excursion packages for those of you who want a little more exploration and adventure in your festival weekend!

Our goal is to take the pressure off of you, taking care of it all- from your accommodations and transportation to private helicopter rides or fishing tours. We have highlighted some of the best Alaskan outfitters in our packages, guaranteed to level up your vacation and festival experience.

These packages are just the beginning, see something you want to do on one package, but hoping to purchase another? Our team is here to work with you! We can fit our packages to your Alaskan adventure preference. Let us take the stress of planning off your plate and allow us to showcase our beautiful state.

If you have questions about the packages, or would like more details, submit on our additional information form below or email a team member directly at marketing@sacredacreak.com.


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RFI Spruce Package

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