Sacred Acre

Sacred Acre is a Festival, but yet something that will only be felt when you immerse yourself fully into the magical musical experiential kaleidoscope. The ‘Sacred Acre’ is place that lies between low tide and high tide because in this magical place—two worlds collide. By high tide, it’s swum by sea creatures; and by low tide, it’s walked by land animals. In this magical place, we come to re-center ourselves, to harmonize with land and sea, and to find a sense of mindfulness unlike any other. The Cook Inlet that runs the length of the Kenai Peninsula has the greatest tide differential in the U.S. and this provides a vast expanse of sand, tide pools and rocks at low tide. The Sacred Acre festival itself takes place in Ninilchik Alaska adjacent to the Kenai Peninsula Fairgrounds set on over 40 acres of gentle forested meadowland. A free three minute shuttle will be running consistently to the ocean shoreline and the Sacred Acre.

This 3 day, fully immersive, multi-dimensional festival experience combines the transcending music of some of the world’s top Electronic Music artists, with the largest and most visually stunning laser and digital art stage displays ever showcased in Alaska.

At Sacred Acre AK you will experience the breathtaking beauty and energy of Alaska, dancing, P-L-U-R, community, art, and adventure excursions that you can ONLY experience in Alaska. (Think flying in a helicopter with the people you love to the top of a glacier along the Cook Inlet or Kachemak Bay) in one of the most beautiful and majestic places on earth..

The creators and producers behind Sacred Acre Festival are deeply committed to protecting, preserving, and nurturing our planet. More specifically a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to local and national charities that help regulate and expose the fishing companies that use the abhorrent fishing practice of trawling, damaging and destroying delicate ecosystems and toss tens of thousands of marine animals and even more fish (bycatch) from our local waterways and oceans around the world.